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The News - Matt Taibbi

2023-08-13 12:37

Marco Fornaro


The News - Matt Taibbi

One of my favorite journalists is Matt Taibbi, an American, a great investigative journalist Don't worry if you do not know him, and he does not appear on mains

One of my favorite journalists is Matt Taibbi, an American, a great investigative journalist

Don't worry if you don't know him, and don't waste time looking for him on googlenews or other similar engines, he hasn't appeared in the "traditional" media (sometimes referred to as "mainstream") for many years and, like many "real" journalists, he has a semi-paid blog  on substack, he lives with it, and continues to write… greatly… and even if he doesn't have his own channel, you can find many of his interviews on youtube.

There is a very simple reason why no one publishes it: he is a "traitor" to his category, in fact he was a very successful investigative journalist and directly followed many American presidential campaigns, i.e. he lived for years in what he himself now defines "the circus" of information .... then one fine day he got tired and began to "externalize" what he thinks about current journalism ... and his former colleagues really didn't like it.

I have also read two books by him, directly in English, I don't really know which one I like best, but in this post I decided to write mainly referring to "Hate Inc." where he specifically talks about modern information ( ), the full title translated into Italian could sound more or less like this: “Hate Inc. : Why today's media make us despise each other”

Obviously I would advise you, if you can, to read the whole book and listen to the interviews about Taibbi himself, but, if you agree to save time and trust my extreme synthesis, the basic concept is reproduced below by quoting and translating freely from English the book itself:

“When you turn on the TV (even Pay-TV) and watch a newscast, or buy a newspaper and read an article, always remember that you have not bought/seen/read ANYTHING that has to do with information, by now it is of ENTERTAINMENT, those (journalists ed) want to keep you glued to the media that convey them, they do it only to earn money (through advertising ed) and for personal prestige (which translates above all into money ed), and to do so they mainly use most effective means: (to instill) FEAR and HATE”

I truly believe it is not necessary to add anything else to understand the synthesis of Taibbi's thought, in his books and interviews he is obviously much more detailed, he presents numerous cases in which he has been personally involved, documents in detail how reality is systematically distorted and how the " circus" of information always acts together as a single voice, and finally how the rare "dissidents" are first marginalized, then vilified, and finally simply "disappear from the radar" (because publishers refuse to publish them).

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