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I don't know what I want

2023-08-14 10:38

Marco Fornaro


I don't know what I want

When I started working as a hypnoterapist and coach, I immediately collided with a personal dilemma...

When I started working as a hypnotic facilitator and coach, indeed, to tell the truth even during the practice in the courses, I immediately collided with a personal dilemma

There was not one of my clients who truly knew WHAT they wanted to achieve

My teachers, in practically all the disciplines and schools that I attended/studied, insisted, perhaps rightly so, on teaching techniques and therapies to achieve certain results, techniques which obviously differed according to the type of complained problem or objective stated, but we rarely talked about what the client/patient really wanted... we tended to take it for granted

Even in a famous coaching school, perhaps the most important in Italy, it was taught that within the coaching session, lasting about 1 hour / 1 hour and a half, the time dedicated to defining objectives ("recommended" time for the super-professional coach) lasted about 20 minutes

Instead I found that in real cases, the people who asked for my help were rarely, if NEVER, initially able to express it in an intelligible form, and for those who did, invariably the subsequent dialogue revealed quite other "problems" or factors on which it was necessary to pay attention and work on.

In one case it even happened to me that the client changed his mind during the work (in the middle of the session) and explicitly told me that he no longer cared about the originally declared objective (which did not prevent him from thanking me warmly for the contribution I had made to his life, but that's another story)

Over time I understood, and now I KNOW, that this dilemma depended on the KIND of customers I tended to attract

In fact, the methodologies that I had been taught worked wonderfully for some people, and precisely for those who had already made part of their personal journey, and therefore already knew essentially what they wanted, or for some types of trades/professions, for example professional athletes or established managers, who given the nature of their condition, are obviously able to define in detail WHAT they want, WHY they want it, WHEN they want it, what resources they have at their disposal….etc. and above all they can describe precisely what the obstacles are, why they have not been able to get it up to now

(my teachers later confirmed to me that every coach/therapist inexorably tends to attract a certain type of person/client)

I personally think THAT kind of people/clients don't belong to the most common cases, and I'm talking in general, in life, not just my experience

I have reached the personal conviction that it is precisely when the goal is not clear to us, or even the problem to be faced, that the results can be more extraordinary, or in other words, it is precisely the things we least expect that are most full of satisfactions, those whose resolution leads us to achieve goals beyond all expectations.

To contact me, and benefit from it, it is not necessary that you know exactly what you want, let yourself be guided by your instinct and I will help you in everything else

Make a free appointment and tell me about yourself, every journey no matter how long and wonderful begins with a first step, which will cost you nothing, so why not to start NOW 😉

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