Marco Fornaro

Sono un ingegnere, un ipnotista, un coach, un intellettuale, ma soprattutto sono una persona che ha sempre vissuto molto intensamente


+353-85-7413235 (WHATSAPP)

marco-fornaroEUR, , marco.fornaro@gmail.comCash, etc.

Technical consultancy and prototyping

My team and I are able to help you in the realization of complex technological projectsStarting from the evaluation of the technologies to be adopted, in software development and in making hardware prototypesWe can be by your side at any stage of pre-production


Hypnosis can help you in many things, but above all to have a better relationship with yourself, below is a non-exhaustive list of services offeredTrauma treatmentaddictionsPerformance improvementInsertion and removal of anchorsPast life regressionLife between lives


Coaching will enhance your ability to define and achieve your goals, in life, work and sports, below is a non-exhaustive list of services offeredDefinition of personal goalsRoadmap and achievement trackingRemoval of blocking or limiting beliefs and habitsaddictionsPerformance improvement

Professional World changer @ non mi importa dei diritti legali, ma faccio causa ai bugiardi 

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